Restaurant’s menu offers bluntly honest descriptions of the dishes

Feigang Fei, owner of Cuisine AuntDai in Montreal, Canada wants to be honest with you.

The orange beef? Not very good, especially compared to the restaurant’s General Tsao Chicken.

But Fei isn’t a big fan of North American Chinese food anyway, so, “It’s your call.”

And the sweet and spicy pork strips? Well, Fei has high expectations. It was one of his favorites in China.

He states bluntly, “Since I have so high expectation on this dish, I am not a huge fan for our version, to be honest.”

All this is listed on the online menu for AuntDai, which serves a variety of traditional and non-traditional Chinese dishes, with each item including a few lines of commentary from Fei.

When Kim Belair, a writer, posted the menu to Twitter, Fei’s descriptions quickly blew up, with tens of thousands of people enjoying his words.

Mainly, his notes are helpful, pointing out which dishes aren’t really as spicy as they look, which are popular, and which are his favorites.

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