Pandemic prompts Super Bowl ad rethink in US

Budweiser said it will not advertise its beer during the February 7 Super Bowl.

The American football championship is one of the most-watched in the US each year, drawing over 100 million viewers in 2020.

The ads are often as much a conversation-starter as the game itself. Firms say the virus has made finding the right message especially difficult.

Others are grappling with financial hits caused by the pandemic, which has dampened spending on many items, while also casting over 10 million Americans out of work, resurfacing racial and economic inequalities and sharpening political divisions.

Budweiser’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch, said it planned to reallocate the money to support an Ad Council campaign promoting coronavirus vaccination.

It is the first time the flagship brand will not make a game-time appearance in 37 years. However, it will still promote some of its other brands, like Bud Light, during the game.

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