As cycling booms, farmer tours Mindoro to teach communities about climate crisis

At a time when most discussions about climate change shifted online due to the pandemic, Jon Sarmiento, a farmer based in Mindoro, has set out on a journey around the island to make people understand the climate crisis and urge them to do something about it.

For 15 days, he will go around the provinces of Occidental and Oriental Mindoro on a bicycle campaign called “Padyak Touro” to teach communities of indigenous Mangyans, fisherfolk, farmers, and local leaders about the urgency of addressing the climate crisis.

The impacts – such as rising sea levels and stronger typhoons – are being experienced in Mindoro, an island southwest of Luzon.

Research published by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative last year suggested that seven in 10 Filipinos believed they would be “somehow affected” by the effects of climate change. Concerns over its impacts revolved around health, income loss, damage to agriculture and property and change of livelihoods.

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