Engineers create ‘comfy’ respirator hoods so medical staff can ditch PPE

They may look like equipment for a lunar mission, but newly designed personal respirators that offer safety and comfort have been bought for UK medical staff after being given approval from the regulator.

Engineers from the University of Southampton helped develop the respirator, called PeRSo, which is easily fitted and gives protection to doctors and nurses at hospitals caring for COVID-19 patients.

Featuring a visor, it also means patients have the comfort of being able to see the faces of staff during conversations.

Over 10,000 respirators have now been provided to staff in over 20 National Health Service organizations for use during the pandemic. Being reusable also means they reduce the environmental impact of disposable personal protective equipment and can save money longer term.

The PeRSo covers the wearer’s head and delivers clean air through a High Efficiency Particulate Air filter with the air sucked through the fine filter to remove viruses.

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