DILG exec hits barangays’ lenient fund withdrawal process

Department of the Interior and Local Government Undersecretary Martin Diño said more barangay officials will be suspended for corruption as he hit the lenient process of withdrawal of funds at the barangay level.

Diño said more could be added to the 89 suspended barangay officials whose names were mentioned by President Duterte since these officials are only involved in alleged anomalies in the Social Amelioration Program.

He said the DILG is looking into complaints on the system on how barangays utilize their funds, wherein a barangay treasurer can withdraw money with just a simple certification from the barangay captain.

Diño explained that when he served as barangay captain, the withdrawal of funds was a more rigorous process, including securing a resolution from the barangay council that authorizes the barangay treasurer to withdraw funds from the bank.

The resolution, he said, required the signature of barangay councilors.

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