Madiskarteng Boss 20: Pure & Simple

Back in 2019, Carlos discovered the popular keto diet and noticed that the local market – especially for baking necessities and other treats – was quite small. Because he already had existing connections with his own suppliers, he decided to help others following the keto diet while taking care of his own nutritional needs.

Since the shop is managed by partners who both adhere to the keto diet, buying from them also gives you access to other services, such as tips to help combat cravings for the usual high carbohydrate food.

When asked how the pandemic has challenged the business, Carlos mentioned they both feel truly blessed in this time of the coronavirus health crisis.

The shift by many to online buying has really boosted their sales. With the help of their trusted courier GrabExpress, they were able to help customers stay indoors and stay safe, while still providing them with their delicious low carbohydrate food to stay healthy.

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