PS5: Restock of new PlayStations causes chaos online

New stock of the PlayStation 5 console led to thousands of gamers waiting in virtual queues online.

Over 160,000 people tried to access Currys PC World’s website at one point, which only had a limited supply. It sold out in under an hour.

The recommended retail price starts at 449 British pounds – but eBay bids are in the thousands of pounds. Experts said a rise in bots buying consoles added to the high demand and led to technical difficulties.

Ampere Analysis said, “Many [retailers] likely knew they would have problems beforehand. But ensuring your website is capable of withstanding a huge influx of visitors is expensive. And for an infrequent event like this, it is simply not worth the cost.”

Netacea e-commerce head Thomas Platt said: “This is certainly the highest online demand for a console we’ve ever seen. Much of the demand is driven by the fact consumers can’t wait in line and enter physical stores to pick up their consoles.”

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