DOJ junks quarantine breach complaint vs. Koko Pimentel

The Department of Justice has dismissed a criminal complaint against Senator Aquilino Pimentel III over his alleged quarantine breach last year.

Pimentel drew criticism in March when he accompanied his wife to a hospital despite supposedly being under quarantine for a then-suspected and later confirmed COVID-19 infection.

The senator said he learned of his positive COVID-19 test result when he was already at the hospital and claimed he left immediately.

Lawyer Rico Quicho filed a complaint against Pimentel with the Department of Justice, accusing the lawmaker of violating Republic Act No. 11332 and regulations of the Department of Health.

But prosecutors dismissed the complaint for lack of probable cause, which means they will not file a case in court.

The Office of the Prosecutor General said Pimentel is “not a public health authority” and was thus “not obliged to report” under the mandatory reporting provision of the republic act.

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