A reckoning for bargain bucket travel

As airlines rack up losses and become reliant on government handouts and tour companies big and small are forced out of business, the days of a cheap getaway look set to be a thing of the past.

While this may pose issues for the democratization of travel, it also helps to highlight that traveling is a privilege and should be treated as such, and the focus will be on offering more sustainable breaks.

European airline EasyJet has announced it will start charging passengers to put bags in the overhead lockers above their seats, while the need to take a Covid-19 test either on departure or arrival in countless destinations is also set to ramp up costs.

Travel has become almost throwaway in the past decade. So paying extra to ensure sustainability and conservation goals are met in countries like Rwanda and Kenya, or realizing that regular cheap flights can do real damage to the environment, are not bad lessons to take from this most difficult of years.

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