Toys for seniors make a splash as China ages

Pitch-pot, hoop and pole, and ring puzzles may sound foreign to you, but they were once “treasures” of a generation – China’s booming aging population.

A toy store in southeast Beijing brought these memories back – it is so far the only toy store for seniors in the country. The store boasts over 400 toys designed for seniors.

Seniors in this neighborhood are elated to find a toy store just for them. While some are still too embarrassed to visit, those who walk in find the experience to be nostalgic.

Retired veteran Liu Yuliang shared, “I haven’t seen the hoop and pole for decades…Playing helps exercise my mind.”

The toy store opened for business on October 25, 2020, known as the day for seniors. Its owner Song Delong had been in the advertising industry catering to seniors over the past 15 years, and things he dealt with most were healthcare products for the aged.

It’s estimated that China will have 300 million people aged 60 or above by 2025.

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