Parents of kid who accidentally spent P100k on online games encourage better communication with children

The parents of a boy who accidentally spent 100,000 pesos to buy gems and upgrades for his mobile game encouraged fostering better communication with children.

Jay and Julmar Locsin from Davao were surprised to see charges on their bank statement. They found out their son, Tice, had unknowingly used their card for his online games.

“He said… ‘I’m so sorry…I was given an option, so I thought that when I clicked on it, I went for the higher version.’ Feeling niya, those are all free,” Julmar shared.

Jay explained, “They’re kids, they’re gonna make mistakes. Pero as a father and as a mother, we have to be willing na pakinggan kung ano ‘yung reason nila instead of just palo na lang nang palo o sigaw ka na lang nang sigaw sa kanila without them being able to express their feelings.”

The couple said Tice’s phone was a hand-me-down. A tech expert urged parents to remove their payment information and turn on parental controls on their children’s devices.

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