Lapu-Lapu: From one-centavo coin to P5,000 bill

From being the face of the smallest Philippine currency unit in circulation, the small one-centavo coin, Lapu-Lapu, who is said to have defeated Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan and his invading forces in Cebu 500 years ago, will now be represented on one of the largest currency denominations ever issued by monetary authorities.

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, in cooperation with the National Quincentennial Committee, launched the 5,000-peso Lapu-Lapu commemorative banknote and medal to kick off the 99-day countdown to the 500th anniversary of the “Victory at Mactan.”

The Lapu-Lapu banknote will be the second highest currency denomination ever issued by the central bank after the limited edition 100,000-peso bill made for the Philippines centennial year in 1998.

The banknote depicts a young Lapu-Lapu, an image of the battle of Mactan, and a “karakoa,” the large outrigger warships used by native Filipinos.

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