‘WandaVision’ flexes some different muscles as Marvel adds its power to Disney+

Marvel flexes different muscles with “WandaVision,” leveraging major assets while stretching its creative formula in this first series for Disney+. The result wields more of a scalpel than a hammer, celebrating the history of TV while very slowly pulling the viewer into an enticing “The Twilight Zone”-esque mystery.

The first three episodes of the nine-part series prove stingy with significant clues, so the audience should be forewarned to buckle in for the ride.

The most familiar elements see the return of Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany as Wanda and the Vision, the Scarlet Witch and synthetic android whose unlikely love affair migrated from the pages of the Avengers comics to the screen.

They’re reintroduced, somewhat jarringly, in a black-and-white sitcom episode, reflecting a real fondness for the genre, and portrayed with spot-on performances by the leads.

Be warned: “WandaVision” can only truly be judged once you’ve reached the end of the journey.

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