‘Tiger’ puts Tiger Woods’ life and career back under the microscope

There’s a salacious aspect to “Tiger,” an HBO documentary about Tiger Woods, since what happened in Vegas — and elsewhere — definitely didn’t stay there.

This engrossing two-part film captures the forces that shaped the golf legend, renewing appreciation for his staggering talent while waving a cautionary flag about how it was forged.

At its core, “Tiger” represents the oldest of tales: A child trained from an early age to be extraordinary, while sacrificing many of the usual trappings associated with childhood.

Growing up that way can become a prescription for a kind of belated adolescence indulging in the perks of wealth and fame, and under the watchful eyes of an eager media if you trip up.

The key figure becomes Woods’ father, Earl, who turned his golf-playing toddler into a media novelty — showing off his skills on talk shows, training him to be the shot-making machine who integrated the stuffy world of professional golf and dominated it.

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