WHO: Countries should not require proof of vaccination by incoming travelers ‘at the present time’

The World Health Organization’s Emergencies Committee recommended that countries should not require proof of vaccination by incoming travelers amid the pandemic, saying decisions on international travel should be coordinated, limited in time, and based on risks and science.

WHO emergencies chief Dr. Michael Ryan said, “If you look at the recommendation made by the committee around vaccination for travelers, it says ‘at the present time.'”

He pointed out vaccines are still not widespread and it remains unclear whether they prevent transmission between people.

The advice comes as countries grapple with how to combat the new variants. There are concerns about an accelerated spread of the virus, prompting new lockdown measures in hard-hit places like Europe.

The UK banned travel from South America and Portugal – a key gateway of flights from Brazil – to try to keep the Brazil variant from reaching Britain and derailing its vaccination program.

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