Paul Abadilla: Filipino sets art director of Disney Pixar’s ‘Soul’

The humble and soft-spoken Paul Abadilla is one of the many Filipino animators at Pixar, aka Pixnoys. He is the Sets Art Director of “Soul,” the latest Jamie Foxx animation.

Abadilla has also been Sets Art Director for award-winning Pixar films such as Incredibles 2, Cars 3 and Brave.

As Art Director for “Soul,” the most challenging thing was that he was rarely at his desk. That meant he was in more meetings, and working with people face to face more and workshopping problems.

It was about team building and building community between the art department and the sets department, which was really the fun part. However, the challenging part was coming to terms with not drawing as much.

He added, “At Pixar, it’s really a team effort. We don’t just isolate ourselves in our offices just doing the work that we do, but another huge part of the job is also interacting with others and making sure that everybody’s at their best selves to create their best work.”

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