Norway offers incentives to electric vehicle buyers

Norway is the global leader in pushing polluting vehicles off the roads, with battery electric vehicles accounting for two thirds of sales in December.

Carmakers have sought to use Norway as a testing ground for their electric ambitions. Volkswagen’s luxury brand Audi was the market leader in 2020, selling over 9,200 vehicles. Tesla’s Model 3, the 2019 leader, was pushed into second place with 7,770 sales. Volkswagen’s ID.3 ranked third with 7,754 sold.

Norway, western Europe’s largest crude oil producer, used tax breaks to increase electric cars sales for decades. Oil revenue helped build the country’s 1.3-trillion-dollar sovereign wealth fund, which is now embracing renewable energy and dumping oil and gas stocks.

The incentives make most electric vehicles cheaper to buy than petrol models. Buyers enjoy other incentives including use of bus lanes, and reduced fees on state ferries and toll roads.

The country has 10,000 publicly available charging points.

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