Raps filed vs former PhilHealth Region 1 endorsed by DOJ to Ombudsman

The Department of Justice-led Task Force PhilHealth endorsed the 1.1-million-peso graft and corruption complaint filed by the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission to the Office of the Ombudsman, against 25 incumbent and former officials of PhilHealth in Region 1.

DOJ Assistant Secretary Neal Vincent Bainto said the task force endorsed the PACC report after it was deliberated on and validated by the DOJ, and “we found it sufficient to be filed before the ombudsman. The TF PhilHealth concurs with the findings in the report.”

The report centers its investigation on alleged fraudulent membership enrollment and fraudulent benefit claims done at the PhilHealth Regional Office I.

Investigations revealed that a fake account was created at the regional office under the name “Pamela Del Rosario” and contributions were retroactively applied and ante-dated.

Twenty-seven fraudulent claims amounting to 1.1 million pesos were made under this account.

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