The process of charter change, explained

The charter change train is chugging again, with President Duterte’s allies in Congress restarting discussions on changing the fundamental law of the land.

It is no secret Duterte wanted to change the Constitution, even including charter change, known as cha-cha, in his platform when he ran for president in 2016.It is clear he is still not giving up on his cha-cha dreams, with him having nudged Congress leaders to convene into a constituent assembly to amend “restrictive” economic provisions in the Constitution and even change the party-list system.

But what is charter change? It is the process of introducing amendments or revisions to the Constitution.

Constitutional law professor Tony La Viña said amendments are small changes to the Charter like changing the minimum age of those qualified to run for president from 40 to 25. Revisions are larger changes to the Constitution, like shifting from a presidential form of government to a parliamentary one.

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