Donors pledge $14 billion to help Africa combat desertification

In a major boost to complete the Great Green Wall initiative in Africa, development banks and governments pledged a fund of more than 14 billion dollars.

French President Emmanuel Macron announced the new funds at the One Planet Summit.  Donors had set a target of 10 billion dollars for new funding, but generous pledges helped in gathering additional investment.

Covering the entire 8,000 kilometer stretch of the African continent, the Great Green Wall is being built to combat land degradation and control desertification in the region. The project completed nearly 20 percent of its work last year, creating thousands of green jobs for local communities through land restoration work.

By 2030, the project aims to construct a 15-kilometer-wide green belt by planting trees across the Sahel region stretching up to 8,000 kilometers. Plantations will create 10 million jobs and sequester over 300 metric tons of climate harming carbon dioxide gas.

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