House resumes Cha-cha debates

Amid criticisms on the, timing of talks on constitutional amendments, the House of Representatives resumed its debates on charter change.

The House committee on constitutional amendments started its deliberations on Resolution of Both Houses No. 2, filed by Speaker Lord Allan Velasco in July 2019.

Panel chair Alfredo Garbin Jr. said the committee will only tackle “restrictive” economic provisions of the 1987 Constitution. Amendments to political provisions will not be entertained as it does not have the support of the majority.

Under the resolution, the phrase “unless otherwise provided by law” would be added to the constitutional restrictions limiting the participation of foreign investors in the governing body of entities based on their share in the capital.

The phrase will also be added to provisions saying only Filipino citizens can control, own, and/or lease alienable lands, public utilities, educational institutions, mass media and advertising companies in the country.

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