COVID-19 survivors suffer long-term effects after recovery: Lancet

Chinese researchers found majority of COVID-19 survivors suffer from at least one symptom six months after being discharged from hospital.

About 76 percent of patients have symptoms like fatigue, muscle weakness, and sleep difficulties, according to research by a group of Chinese medical experts published in the international medical journal Lancet on January 8.

The results show 63 percent of patients are troubled by fatigue or muscle weakness, and 26 percent have encountered sleep difficulties. In addition, about 23 percent have anxiety or depression issues.

COVID-19 also made a noticeable impact on patients’ lung and kidney function. Patients who were severely ill at the acute phase are more likely to have pulmonary diffusion abnormalities. In the meantime, 13 percent of patients who had no acute kidney injury show declined renal function.

The study also reveals that women have a higher risk of being affected by the virus than men.

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