Battle of Mactan rites to push through despite pandemic

The commemoration of Filipino heroism in the Battle of Mactan 500 years ago will proceed this year despite the pandemic, according to National Historical Commission of the Philippines chair and National Quincentennial Committee vice chair Rene Escalante.

One of the events later this month is the 100-day countdown to the commemoration of Filipinos’ victory in the Battle of Mactan.

The commemoration, with the theme Victory and Humanity, will highlight Filipinos’ goodness and hospitality when the expedition led by Ferdinand Magellan, landed on Philippine shores in March 1521.

Escalante said, “This is one trait of Filipinos that I think we need to continue and to show to the world because this is an element of our culture that we need to strengthen and by which we are recognized.”

In March, as part of its journey to trace the route Magellan followed, a ship from Spain will first dock in Samar and then proceed to Cebu. If there is still time left, it will go to Manila.

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