Strong shoulders and fringes

You grace me with your cold shoulder, sang Adele in 2008. We grace you with our bold shoulders, say Balenciaga in 2021.

The luxury fashion house showed lots of outfits with prominent shoulders during Paris Fashion Week in March, and many others have been experimenting with the idea too.

Vogue said, “The peaked shoulders at Balmain and Balenciaga will cut through space with glamour and a bit of grit. Big time shoulders are not new, but they are not going away either.”

The good thing about this one is your head and shoulders are usually all anybody can see of you on Zoom, so it’s one of the few styles that can actually be appreciated virtually.

Meanwhile, long fringes are also back in style, although these are the fabric kind rather than the so-low-you-can’t-read-the-autocue hair kind.

Cosmopolitan said, “It’ll be hard to resist twirling all day long with this trend. With every step you take you’ll be turning heads” (as strands of fabric will be whipping someone in the face).

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