Duterte orders BIR to reshuffle personnel

President Duterte has ordered the reshuffling of tax officials and the “freezing” of government personnel believed to be involved in irregularities.

Duterte asked Bureau of Internal Revenue Commissioner Caesar Dulay to submit a list of officials to be affected by the reassignment.

The President issued a similar directive to Department of Public Works and Highways Secretary Mark Villar, whose agency is the focus of a probe being conducted by a justice department-led task force.

The President described the corruption in the DPWH as “grave” but believes Villar is not involved in anomalies. Duterte also asked Villar to tell a female official to resign but did not provide details.

He asked government directors to “freeze” those whom they think are involved in anomalies.

The Department of Finance also launched a webpage that would allow the public to submit information against suspected corrupt officials in the DOF and its attached agencies.

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