Bali’s Kuta Beach cleared of tons of plastic waste

Tons of trash have washed onto Bali’s famous Kuta Beach, prompting locals to spend the first day of the new year staging a cleanup. Residents on the Indonesian island cleared 30 tons of marine debris from the beach.

“Some 70 percent of the marine debris is plastic waste,” the Udayana Regional Military Command explained. The trash was reportedly loaded onto trucks and transported to a landfill site.

Plastic trash and other marine debris washes onto Kuta Beach every year during the monsoon season, said Badung’s head of the Environment Office. The official blamed the problem on garbage mismanagement.

Plastic pollution is a serious issue in Indonesia. In November 2018, a dead whale was found near Kapota Island in Wakatobi National Park, near Sulawesi, with 13.2 pounds of plastic waste in its stomach.

The Indonesian government plans to cut ocean plastic waste by 70 percent by 2025, and go plastic pollution free by 2040.

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