PSG to submit monthly reports on men who got COVID-19 vaccines

The Presidential Security Group will have to submit monthly reports on its personnel that have been vaccinated against COVID-19, Health Secretary Francisco Duque said as he emphasized that what the guards did was dangerous.

Duque said PSG Commander Brigadier General Jesus Durante has agreed to turn over a list of the personnel who received the vaccine and adopt a “monitoring system for adverse events following immunization.” Reports will have to be submitted “on a monthly basis.”

The health chief maintained he “never knew anything about the activities of the PSG” with regard to the vaccination, but he stressed that this was dangerous.

Durante earlier said “a handful” of PSG personnel vaccinated themselves with a drug he did not name.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines called off its investigation into the matter after Duterte told the PSG to withhold information about it if called to a congressional inquiry.

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