Thailand bans food, drink, newspapers and magazines on domestic flights

Thailand has banned food, drink and any printed materials other than safety information cards on board domestic flights. The airlines will have to follow the regulations or could face possible penalty from their regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand.

This is the second time that such a move has been taken. Thailand previously banned in-flight food and drink service on April 26, 2020, but the ban was lifted on August 31.

The Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand said, “Cleaning time after each stop of domestic flights is extremely short, since operators tend to do the quickest turnaround as possible. I think it is unlikely operators would be able to thoroughly clean all of these items.”

That doesn’t mean passengers will have to find a way to kill time during the flight with no reading material. They are allowed to bring their own magazines or newspapers on board, but they will likely be asked to take those items with them when they deplane.

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