DOTr finalizing national standards for interoperable payment system

The Department of Transportation will release a nationwide standard specification for transit fare media and readers in line with plans for an interoperable automated fare collection system across all transport modes.

The DOTr is formulating and finalizing the release of the AFCS National Standards “to ensure interoperability and mutual trust among multiple automatic fare collection players and systems.”

The agency said one part of the planned national standards is EMVCo contactless specifications.

It said, “Majority of Filipinos with bank accounts already have EMVCo (debit or credit cards) which they can conveniently and securely use, not just for purchasing goods, but also for commuting. This capability is already implemented in other transit systems abroad such as in Bangkok and Singapore.”

In October, the DOTr and Land Bank signed a memorandum of agreement to conduct a pilot production test for the EMVCo contactless payment media.

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