Hacker uses Gatchalian’s credit card for P1M worth of delivered food

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian said his credit card was accessed and used by a hacker to purchase a million pesos worth of food for delivery.

Gatchalian said on Twitter: “My credit card has just been hacked! [Someone ordered one million pesos] worth of food [on] Food Panda in less than an hour. [Is this for a lauriat of the whole barangay]???”

He attached a screenshot of the transactions which showed that four purchases were charged in the afternoon of January 5. The amount for each transaction ranged from 96,000 to 356,000 pesos.

The senator said, “The hacker managed to change my registered phone number so he got the OTPs. He knew what he was doing. I just don’t know how he will eat a million worth of food.”

Gatchalian said he did not notice the notifications via SMS and e-mail on attempts to change his phone number as he was in a Senate hearing.

Union Bank was able to swiftly cut his credit card. Gatchalian said he will not pay for the charges.

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