UK COVID-19 deaths could reach 100,000 by spring, health expert warns

A nationwide lockdown, empty shops and streets, surging novel coronavirus disease infections and hospitals at full capacity – the health crisis facing the United Kingdom this winter is familiar, but the spike in numbers are worrying.

Great Britain recently passed a somber milestone as the COVID-19  death toll reached 81,000 – with 30,000 fatalities in just the last 30 days – and cases at more than three million.

The country has found itself at the epicenter of the most recent wave of coronavirus infections in Europe, as well as in the top five worst-affected countries in the world. But despite the tighter restrictions, health experts say these numbers are expected to rise.

Julian Tang, from the Department of Respiratory Sciences at the University of Leicester, said, “I think the number of cases we’re seeing and the number of deaths that we’re seeing lag behind those cases that will continue for some time, and I think 100,000 by the spring is quite realistic.”

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