WHO: Prioritize high risk groups in COVID-19 vaccination

So far, 44 countries are currently administering coronavirus vaccines, according to The Global Change Data Lab. Belarus, Switzerland, Serbia and Qatar have also confirmed they have begun vaccination programs.

The WHO’s Emergencies chief, Mike Ryan, stressed the need to give doses to vulnerable groups and frontline healthcare workers first, no matter where they live.

Ryan said, “The people likely to die from this infection is not everybody in every country. It is very particular risk groups, by age and by vulnerability, who are likely to get very sick and likely to die. It is frontline health workers who are exposed to this virus every day. This is whom we need to protect first.”

He also warned vaccines currently being distributed will have had “zero impact” on transmission dynamics at a national level.

He added, “They maybe saving lives as we speak and we are very grateful for that, but they are not going to affect transmission dynamics for a very long time.”

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