Death in Fairview bus blaze

There was no alternative but to accept the death of Amy Sembrana in a bus fire since the suspect in the crime died with her, the victim’s father said.

Amy’s family was happy and complete just a day before she was set ablaze by an angry passenger inside the bus that she worked in as a conductor.

Both Amy and the still unidentified passenger died in the blaze, while five others were injured. The victim left behind nine children, including twins who are only a year old.

The Bureau of Fire Protection said it was still attempting to discover the suspect’s motive.

A witness earlier said the suspect doused Amy with a flammable liquid before setting her and himself on fire.

While the bus was equipped with a fire extinguisher, the driver had to run out of the vehicle after his arm caught fire just as he was picking up the extinguisher.

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board said it would conduct its own investigation into the incident.

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