LA hospitals and funeral homes run out of space as COVID-19 rages

The desperation confronting Los Angeles hospitals in coping with the rising number of COVID-19 patients reached another level, when the Emergency Medical Services Agency advised its personnel not to transport patients with blunt trauma or non-traumatic cardiac arrest to hospitals if they can’t be resuscitated.

The medical director of the LA Fire Department said, “Make no mistake, we’re facing an unprecedented crisis right now. [In my] 30-plus years in emergency medicine…I’ve never heard of emergency departments literally refusing to accept ambulance patients saying, ‘We have no more room. Go somewhere else.'”

Meanwhile, funeral homes in California said they had to turn away grieving families as they run out of space.

The head of the state funeral directors association said mortuaries are being inundated as the US has passed a grim tally of 364,000 COVID-19 deaths, with over 21 million infected, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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