PSG chief explanation sought

Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon said the Presidential Security Group chief should be made to explain before the Senate convened as a committee of the whole his admission that members of his unit had “independently” inoculated themselves with unregistered COVID vaccines.

Drilon said, “The most important ‘who’ and ‘how’ of the story remain a mystery. The PSG commander is deliberately withholding the basic questions of who and how from the public.”

He added PSG Commander Brigadier General Jesus Durante took “full responsibility” for the administration of the unregistered vaccine to his members, admitting that they did the vaccination by themselves and without the knowledge of the President or any other agency.

The senator said, “All they give to the public are alibis, excuses and lies. There is more to it that will be revealed to the committee once [he] appears in our hearing. The Senate must summon the PSG commander.”

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