Popular home-made Chinese dishes during 2020 epidemic: Rice cooker cake

The coronavirus pandemic has trapped people around the world at home, thereby giving them a chance to cook by themselves, try new recipes or re-create classic cuisines.

This trend has given rise to the online popularity of some dishes.

Baking can bring joy into one’s home, especially in the middle of a pandemic. The blend of yeast and flour is indistinguishable from magic.

Most Chinese families do not own ovens or other professional baking tools, but a rice cooker is an essential item in the kitchen. The recipe of rice cooker cake went viral online, giving people a chance to enjoy baking cakes during self-quarantine.

Ingredients of this cake are not hard to buy: low-gluten flour, eggs, milk, sugar and white vinegar. Instead of using a western oven, just pop the batter in a rice cooker and turn on the “rice cooking” mode. It’s almost foolproof!

Having a self-made cake at home could be very comforting. It brings a kind of optimism during the pandemic.

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