Airport worker: ‘High risk of getting affected by passengers’

Joshua Wu works for an airline in Taiwan as ground staff at Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport.

Wu said, “It was always bustling with noise and crowded before the pandemic.”

He shared, “Since the pandemic, passengers have become much more aware of prevention measures. They keep social distance and [avoid] chatting when they line up for boarding. Some passengers not only wear masks but also goggles and protective clothing. They even give up inflight meals to not increase the risks of being affected.”

But while Wu loves his job — he’s a big aviation fan, and seeing airplanes take off and land daily is always a thrill — and feels supported by his employer, he’s still conscious that he’s on the front line.

He shared, “There’s high risk of getting affected by passengers coming from different countries.”

Wu suggests the only way aviation workers will feel safe, and the travel industry can properly recover, is with a successful vaccine program.

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