Putting people first makes China tough

China was the first in the world to report the outbreak of the disease caused by the novel coronavirus at the turn of 2020. By the second quarter of the year, however, the country’s economy had returned to growth, confirming that the nation had the virus under control.

The recovery reaffirmed the toughness and resilience of the Chinese economy to the world but many outside the country are scrambling to find the secret behind this phenomenon.

Perhaps they should pay closer attention to the words of Chinese President Xi Jinping. He repeatedly emphasized the need of his compatriots “to put people’s safety and health first” as COVID-19 threatened to create economic, social and political upheaval globally.

President Xi Jinping instructed officials that their priority was to save lives and treat patients whatever the cost, and spare no effort to control the virus epidemic. The success of this feat is a testimony to the unity and strength of the nation.

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