They did everything right. But after one at-home haircut, a husband and wife died of COVID

Mike and Carol Bruno, married nearly six decades, did everything to avoid Covid-19, refraining from big family gatherings and sticking to phone and video calls with family. But a visit to get a haircut claimed both their lives.

Carol visited her son with her daughter to give him a haircut. Her daughter works in a salon, and tested negative for Covid-19. She also quarantined for four days — a sign the family took to mean it was safe to be around her.

During the 40-minute visit, the Brunos wore masks and avoided hugs. Carol also sat next to the open windows. A day after, her daughter displayed Covid-19 symptoms. Mother and son started feeling unwell soon after.

Carol was admitted to the hospital on Thanksgiving, but was discharged days later as her condition improved. She returned to the hospital two days after and was put on a ventilator.

Then, her husband got sick. A day after he was put on a ventilator, Carol passed away. Nine days later, Mike followed.

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