Concerts will come back… but not as we know them

Live music may be back by Easter or the summer, but it could be the end of the year. And even with a vaccine, it will be a while before tours can go back to normal.

While bands like Steps and Little Mix have announced arena shows for November, others have already cancelled their 2021 tours.

Initially, social distancing will be enforced at indoor venues, with enforced one-way paths to the toilets.

Rapid turnaround Covid-19 tests at festival gates is another prospect, although the idea isn’t foolproof. Other ideas include thermal scanners, spraying fans with disinfectant “fog” as they enter a venue, and interactive wristbands that vibrate to indicate a lack of social distancing.

Ticketmaster has also been looking at whether it is possible to link digital tickets to your vaccine status or a negative Covid test through a smartphone app. However, the company stressed it could not enforce such measures – which would be enacted at the discretion of the event organizer.

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