More time for travel research

A lack of travel and more time spent at home means many travelers have ample time to find inspiration for when they’re finally given the go ahead.

While travel itself wasn’t really possible in 2020, reading about it has, and there are plenty of brilliant books to help fire up the traveler within.

Jessica J. Lee’s beautiful “Two Trees Make A Forest,” about migration, memory and her time spent retracing her grandparents’ footsteps in Taiwan won the prestigious Boardman Tasker Prize and will get readers dreaming of long hikes through spectacular forests and high mountain passes.

Dan Richards’ “Outpost” is the ideal book for those keen on keeping up 2020’s isolation in some of the planet’s most remote places, from Svalbard in the Arctic to Desolation Peak in the United States.

Pico Iyer’s “Autumn Light,” a meditation on loss and an exploration of everyday Japan, is perfect for those keen to spend time in Asia once this whole thing blows over.

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