UST journalism prof calls out Facebook page for red-tagging blind item

A University of Santo Tomas journalism professor called a right-wing Facebook page out for red-tagging him through a blind item post.

The Right Thomasian, a Facebook page with over 6,400 likes, threatened to expose a “Bulatlat former EIC and now AB Journalism faculty member” it said is a recruiter for communist rebels.

Replying to a comment on the post, the page’s administrator seemingly confirmed the person in question was a professor who posted a statement on the shuttering of ABS-CBN last year.

Felipe Salvosa II, coordinator of UST’s journalism program and former editor for the Manila Times, tweeted it was this “hint” in the comments section that made him feel he was being alluded to.

He said, “Whoever is running this page is spreading a malicious and unfounded accusation via a seemingly innocuous blind item. First, I was never a part of the staff of…Second, I did not and will not recruit students for the communist rebellion.”

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