Argentina abortion: Senate approves legalization in historic decision

Argentina’s Congress has legalized abortions up to the 14th week of pregnancy, a ground-breaking move for a region with some of the world’s most restrictive termination laws.

Senators voted in favor of the bill with 38 in favor, 29 against and one abstention. Until now, abortions were only permitted in cases of rape or when the mother’s health was at risk.

The Catholic Church, which remains highly influential in Latin America, had opposed the move, calling on senators to reject the bill.

Pro-choice activists hope the passing of the law in Argentina will inspire others to follow suit.

Abortions are completely banned in El Salvador, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic and only allowed in certain restricted circumstances in most other Latin American nations.

Only Uruguay, Cuba, Guyana and parts of Mexico currently allow women to request an abortion, with varying limits on the number of weeks of pregnancy in which an abortion is legal.

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