Students’ participation in online classes dwindling, teachers say; DepEd validating

The participation of students in online and modular classes has been dwindling, the Teacher’s Dignity Coalition said.

TDC national chairperson Benjo Basas made the statement based on reports of their members from different areas of the country.

Basas said, “The way we see things, (it is really) dwindling. (The decrease in participation of learners in online learning is continuous…As for modular learning, we are seeing children submit insufficient answers or totally no answers.)”

However, he said students and parents have not formally expressed any intention to drop out this academic year.

Department of Education Undersecretary Diosdado San Antonio said they are still validating this information.

San Antonio said, “The issue of the online learning not being sustained should not alarm all of us, because we always provide options for other distance learning delivery modality. For me, it should not be a big concern.”

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