Telcos may be fined P1 million daily until they comply with mandatory internet speed

Makati City Representative Luis Campos Jr. filed House Bill 7479 that aims to slap telcos that fail to reach a mandatory internet speed with a fine of one million pesos daily until they comply.

Campos said there is a need for Congress to empower the National Telecommunications Commission so that it can set “compulsory deadlines,” adding, “We want the NTC to set faster internet speed targets every year, and then penalize the service providers that fail to deliver.”

He lamented, “We clearly still have one of the slowest internet speeds in the world and in Asia. Among the 10 member countries of the ASEAN…our average mobile internet speed is ranked the second-slowest…[Our 18.5 Mbps] represents just 60 percent of the 30.9 Mbps average mobile internet speed across all ASEAN members.”

The UAE topped the world’s mobile internet connections with an impressive 170 Mbps. In fixed broadband, Singapore led the pack with 241 Mbps.

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