Virtual gigs will become more ambitious

The lockdown was a voyeur’s wish come true, as pop stars invited you into their living rooms. By the end of the year, the productions had become a little more ambitious.

In November, Dua Lipa set a new bar for livestreams, with two dozen dancers, gigantic Day-Glo hula hoops and glitter balls, a roller disco and special guests – from Kylie and Miley to Sir Elton John.

The concert cost 1.5 million dollars and took five months to put together, but it more than made that sum back, with 284,000 ticket sales and streaming deals in India and China. The concert was seen by over five million people worldwide.

US rapper Travis Scott earned 20 million dollars for a nine-minute concert inside video game Fortnite in April. By comparison, his 58-date Astro World tour in 2018 grossed 54 million dollars.

But virtual gigs don’t just make financial sense: Fans who can’t afford to travel can now attend an exclusive show with affordable tickets. Dua’s started at 10 dollars.

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