Spirits made from ugly fruits

Brewers and distillers are turning today’s trash into tomorrow’s booze.

The sad truth of our picky consumption habits is that some fruits are simply not pretty enough for the supermarket. Yet, that doesn’t mean they taste inferior to their brethren that make it onto the fruit aisle.

Ventura Spirits offers a happy home for “ugly” strawberries in its brandy, which is distilled from leftovers of each California harvest.

The brandy goes through a four-year aging process in French oak casks, giving those not-ready-for-primetime strawberries a chance to become the stars of the show.

Speaking of “ugly” food, Atlas Brew Works makes a sour ale called Ugly & Stoned, crafted with aesthetically challenged stone fruits like peaches, plums and nectarines that got shunned by shoppers and were too bruised to send to a food bank.

The kettle-soured American ale is a tart brew that, like all draughts at this Washington DC brewery, is made with 100% solar energy.

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