President not vaccinated

Presidential Security Group Commander Brigadier General Jesus Durante confirmed that the presidential guard had been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Durante said, “The PSG is the primary unit of the [military] that is mandated to protect the nation’s highest leader. With the current pandemic, [the] PSG needs to ensure that they are not themselves [a] threat to the President’s health and safety. As such the PSG administered COVID-19 vaccine to its personnel.”

He did not say what vaccine was used, but said that although using the shot was “a risk” it was part of the PSG’s “mission to protect the President.”

He noted that Duterte had not been given the vaccine, adding, “The President is still awaiting the perfect or appropriate vaccine.”

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said it was the Sinopharm vaccine and that its use was purely voluntary on the part of the soldiers who had received the shot. Roque added he did not know the vaccine donor.

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