Discarded grapes are put to good use

Forward-thinking producers are now using discarded grocery items to create ales and spirits that pair great tastes with a good cause.

Even pretty fruit can easily go to waste in the myriad steps between production and purchase. For example, the process of cutting, trimming and packing table grapes to fit supermarket baskets leaves loose fruit and tiny bunches that will never be sold as fresh.

That’s where Foxhole Spirits in steps in.

The British producer transforms surplus supermarket grapes into alcohol, blends that with a grain spirit and then flavors the mix with 15 botanicals — including coriander and myrrh — to produce its sustainably-sourced HYKE Gin.

Foxhole also launched the HYKE Signature Series to use more fruits that would otherwise go unused, including discarded oranges for a gin and tonic with a zesty tang.

In a happy twist of fate, the rejected fruit ends up back in UK supermarkets as an adults-only product unlikely to go to waste.

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