Germany moves to reduce plastic pollution with nationwide bag ban from 2022

Europe’s largest plastic producer took a big step towards cutting down its plastic use after passing a ban on all plastic bags from 2022.

Germany’s single-use plastic bag ban at malls, stores and supermarkets was announced by the government last month to reduce plastic pollution and meet its European Union goal.

The government has also since announced an additional ban on all plastic bags from the beginning of 2022. The decision comes as the EU has set a goal to reduce plastic bag pollution by 80 percent by 2025.

The decision means shops have less than 12 months to reduce their remaining plastic bag stocks – a challenge for smaller retailers.

Small shop owner Kostas Kallias called for the government to have a rethink, saying, “The problem for me is that a 12-month period is not good enough because we have a lot in stock. So the government has to find a solution or to give us the money back or to give us a little bit more time to send them away.”

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